Vice president of Athletics Namibia, Mr Johannes Shekutamba Mathew was laid to rest at his home village of Okakekete village, Anamulenge consistency in Omusati Region on the 31 January 2019. Many from across the country went to pay their last respect. Among those that paid their homage were former Namibian sprinter Mr Frank Frederick, Athletics Namibia president Mr Erwin Naimhwaka, Deputy Minister of Finance Mr Natangwe Ithete, the Executive Chairperson of the National Youth Council of Namibia Mr Mandela Kepere, the Chief Administrative Officer of the Namibia Sport Commission Mr Freddy Mwiya, SWAPO Youth League Secretary Mr Ephraim Nekongo, athletes including some of the athletes that went through the tutorship of Mr Mathew such as Daniel Nghipandulwa, Sam Shimhanda and many others. In the picture we are members of the Athletics Namibia family at the funeral of Mr Mathew.