All athletics roads lead to the Independence Stadium in Olympia this weekend as athletes try to get a ranking in the top 10 and share in the grand price of N$50 000. The competition is the last opportunity for athletes get ranked in the top 10. Currently, seven athletes have posted performance that achieved the minimum IAAF scores of 1000 or better. The rankings are topped by Ernst Narib with 1073, closely followed by Mahmad Bock with 1050 with performances in the 400m and Sandro Diergaardt in 3rd with a score of 1045 achieved in the long jump. The seven athletes that are currently eligible to share the grand prize based on the completed three legs at Othiwarongo, Swakopmund and Oshakati are Ernst Narib, Mahmad Bock, Sandro Diergaardt, Ismael Tjiramba, Thasiso Auchamub, Klaasman Wencuslaus, and Vizamuje Ujaha.

The competition will start at 14h00 on the 18 May 2019 at the Independence Stadium in Olympia. The current rankings are available at: